A Year Outside: 2016 in REI Classes and Events

Amid small gestures and large events, REI members rode, hiked, climbed, paddled—and even roasted Twinkies—and attended REI classes and events in 2016.
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Nothing against a luxury spa weekend or anything, but sometimes what a girlfriend needs to rejuvenate is a little dirt and sweat. At two Summit weekends, women were offered a plethora of activities from yoga and hiking to climbing and SUP. Because stove choice begins with fuel choice, it helps to know pros and fuels.

At an REI National Free Weekend event in West Hartford, Conn., a rider brought his bike out for its inaugural ride. The tires were soft and the brakes loose. An REI master tech popped it onto the stand for a quick tune-up. The rider and his friends pedaled away, pleased and grateful, for a renewed chance to explore the day outdoors.

Amid small gestures and large events, REI members rode, hiked, climbed, paddled—and even roasted Twinkies—across the land in 2016.

What did we offer REI members? Trail running at Malibu Creek State Park outside Los Angeles. Free yoga on the High Line pedestrian path in Manhattan. Camping on Northerly Island in Chicago. Kayaking in Washington, D.C. But that’s just the tip.

As we enjoyed the outdoors together at REI events, members shared interests, goals and the ideals of outdoor adventure. So here’s to 2016 and some highlights of how we played outside together this year.

Mountain bikers across the Front Range of Colorado satisfied their taste for dirt at seven knobby tread events this summer. Wrench nights, demos, Outdoor School classes, music and beer made for a lot of dust-fueled madness for REI members, including riders who were new to the singletrack.

We rolled out the red carpet for members at pre-screening events at four venues across the country. At each event, a snacks and beverage reception was followed by a showing of the film. Described as “a cinematic journey into America’s awe-inspiring great outdoors,” the film was an inspiration—and a motivation—to get out there more.

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