The World is Changing

With the emergence of the internet and technology, the world has opened up to individuals and entrepreneurs seeking to grow beyond the confines of the United States.  The world has become a new frontier of opportunity for those willing to dare to go in a different direction.

My name is Shawn Pablo

I have been a serial entrepreneurs my entire life. Starting my first business in college at 20. After spending years building various businesses I realized that financial success was not the only part of a fulfilling life. Even though I made a lot of money, I grew tired of American culture, which places black people at the bottom of society. It seemed like no matter how much money I made, I could not escape the constraints placed on me by my race and gender. I closed my business on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta during covid and spent three years traveling around the world searching for a new place to live and build, eventually settling in Medellin, Colombia. I have since learned that being able to have infrastructure in other locations globally, allows me to use the U.S. for what I need it for, and leave the rest of the other b.s. I do not need there.

My goal is to help others like me who are seeking to find new opportunities to work, travel and live in and outside of the U.S.

Our Mission

To equip our community with the information, tools and resources to travel, work, live and invest in emerging markets with high growth potential.

Our Services

  • Content Development: We strive to curate the best content keeping our community knowledgeable on the global landscape.
  • Tourism: We have a thriving concierge business with several tour options for individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs looking to get away and relax.
  • Real Estate Investing: We have partnerships with the top Real Estate companies in Medellin for people looking to invest or relocate to the city.
  • Off-shore Business Development: Our team is versed in the business and political requirements necessary to expand or start a new business in the city.
  • Relocation: Our team can work with you to create a strategy to navigate through the process of moving abroad long term.

If you are interested or have any questions, text  whatsapp: 1 (615) 784-8354

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