Black Gentrification ….. ” Hating on each other is old & Lame “

Shawn PabloMarch 3, 2023

The “ we can’t trust each other”  narrative is getting old. We cant keep being on that nigga shit our parents were on. All black people are poor in America compared to white people. Everyone just needs to stop the cap so we can actually be as rich as them while we have the opportunity.  It is very very easy to do now with the internet.  When they didn’t give us 40 acres and a mule it put us in a situation where we did not have any base. Rent is about a 3rd of your income. Imagine if you owned the land you were on. All that money you put into rent, you could put into developing the land. Let’s say you sectioned off 2 acres of your 40 and planted two crops, tobacco and cotton. Then you had 4 children who, by 12, started working the fields and that went on for 3 generations.  Now you have a big farm and you have been living rent free. Then let’s say you got 20 slaves to work on your plantation for free for another 4 generations after that.  Now you have a generation of owners and a generation of masters, each perfecting their position.  Why would you ever stop that system? In fact, with our labor it got so big that it helped America rule the world.  All we are doing right now is managing someone else’s money.  How can you ” own ” something but you are still paying for it? It is because you don’t. It is just suppose to make you feel like you do so you can keep paying.   It is a brilliant economic and psychological system that is not going to change, so why fight it. Why not duplicated it somewhere else. 


We are poor here collectively but we are rich everywhere else. The American game is about coming here with your ethnic group, creating a business and then sending the money back to your homeland. It is just a big marketplace.  The world’s Walmart.  We are the only people that do not have any place to send our money back to. So we just give it back to the white people. If we collectively dumped our money into developing another place overseas ( Colombia is my vote ) we would quickly own our own area which we could then practice capitalism on.  Plus we are already embedded into the fabric of the world’s most powerful financial system.  Instead of fighting with the whites, we could use the whites to dominate everyone else.  We gentrify the world, the way they gentrify our neighborhoods.  We learned from the best….. Or we can just stay here and keep fighting each other to be the one to get picked… Just some ideas.. please spread them. 

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