StayontheGO is THE social network for socialites. We provide a platform that let’s our users easily find what events are going on locally and beyond. Users can post events, like events and share events with their friends stimulating the weakened hospitality industry by encouraging more people to come out and be social. Think instagram, but for events.

We will be creating several ad campaigns featuring our selected models organically using the app in their normal social lives.
This will visually demonstrate to our future users how they can integrate our product into their lifestyles to enhance their social life. The questions below will help us understand your personality so that we can plan how to work with you to get the content we need. 

We would like to create lifestyle content where we organize or participate in social experiences which we will video and or photo to use in our advertisements. 

What you can expect: We always want to add value to you in some way because we are not about wasting anyone’s time, we are however starting a company so things will be a little chaotic in the beginning, so please bare with us. 

1. Sometimes we will be hanging out, like attending an event or party, where we will pay for everything. 
2. Sometimes we will straight out pay you, which is ideally what we always want to do, but we are a start-up and things are tight right now. 
3. We will be advertising your image heavily so whatever business endeavor you have going on will be greatly enhanced.  
4. We are in the business of having fun, so whatever we will be doing will be fun, consist of cool people and be safe.
5. We want to build a relationships with you because we would prefer to just use the same people over and over.
5. There will be food.  We like to eat.  

Please send us a few nice photos of you, as hi resolution as possible to For any other questions text Shawn @ 615.852.6721